Wir waren da, wo wir nicht sein sollten. Nach uns der Regenbogen

Zwischenfazit am frühen Abend des 7. Juli 2017

Der Gipfel konnte nur mit Verzögerung beginnen. Mehrere Delegationen mussten vor Blockaden umdrehen und andere Wege nehmen. Eine Veranstaltung von Finanzminister Schäuble wurde abgesagt und Melania Trump kam nicht aus ihrer Unterkunft. Ob das Konzert in der Elphi wie geplant stattfinden wird, ist zurzeit noch nicht sicher.

Block G20 hat das getan, was wir angekündigt haben: Tausende sind in die Blaue Zone eingedrungen. Wir waren da, wo wir nicht sein sollten: Auf den Zufahrtswegen und Protokollstrecken zum Gipfel und wir haben uns mit dem Mut der Vielen dem Spektakel der Macht entgegengestellt. Heute Morgen waren wir mehrere tausend, beim 15 Uhr Treffpunkt mehr als 10.000. Die Polizei hat uns geschlagen, mit Pfefferspray und Wasserwerfern attackiert, aber wir haben trotz der enthemmten Gewalt der Staatsmacht nicht aufgegeben. Bis hierhin war dieser Tag unser gemeinsamer Erfolg.

Wenn es einen Rest von Verantwortung auf der Seite des Senats und der Polizei gibt, dann sollen sie den G20-Gipfel sofort abbrechen.

Für heute ist Block G20 damit als organisierte Aktion beendet. Aber viele Aktivist_innen bleiben auf der Straße und führen Block G20 in ihrem Sinne fort und entwickeln die Aktion weiter. Seid mutig, seid solidarisch, steht zusammen! Die Straßen gehören dem Protest nicht dem Gipfel.

Morgen sehen wir uns alle zur Internationalen Großdemonstration „Grenzenlose Solidarität statt G20“. Dort treffen wir uns mit allen Menschen, Gruppen und Spektren, die in diesen Tagen mit uns auf der Straße waren und sind. Es wird der gemeinsame Ausdruck der Zehntausenden, dass wir diesen Gipfel nicht wollen und dass wir gegen den Ausnahmezustand in Hamburg rebellieren. Los geht’s um 11 Uhr auf dem Deichtorplatz.

Wir sehen uns. Passt auf Euch auf!


Action consensus (Outline of the action plan)

It is our goal to disturb the proceedings of the G20 Summit noticeably and to disrupt the staging of power that the summit represents.

We will commit a publicly announced mass breach of rule. Our actions are a justified means of resistant mass disobedience.

Our blockades are human blockades and creative material blockades, consisting of everyday objects.

We will
– pursue our goal level-headed and determined,
– as participants take care of each other in solidarity and
– protect ourselves in order to defend our right to physical integrity. We will not start any escalation.

We unite in solidarity with all those who share our emancipatory criticism of G20.

For a successful action we need your donations: Verein Bewegungsfonds, IBAN: CH07 0900 0000 6187 7407 8, BIC: POFICHBEXXX, Reference: “Aktion”

Pressekonferenz und Modenschau

Am Mittwoch 5. Juli, zwei Tage vor dem NoG20-Aktionstag. haben unsere Pressesprecher*innen Jana, Nico und Christian der Presse unsere Protest-Accessoires vorgestellt. Die Eindrücke sind hier photographisch festgehalten und können unter Quellenangabe verwendet werden.

Hamburg, Juli 7th 2017: #BlockG20 – colour the red zone!

Let’s block the spectacle of the powerful with the bold and rebellious spirit of the many.

 We will be there. Where the red zone is. Where we are not supposed to be. Where the powerful are. The G20 Summit in Hamburg will make history. It will be our time. Will it also be yours?

The G20 is a summit of despots, of rulers and their accountants. They have long decided to impose the state of emergency on us. We decide to abolish their order. The G20 Summit will occupy the city. On July 7th and 8th 2017 the heads of state and government of the 19 richest and most powerful states of the world will convene in Hamburg. The EU will also be there. They want to discuss their crises: the future of global capitalism. Trump against Merkel? Alongside them Erdogan, Xi Jinping, Modi, Temer, of course Putin and all the others – it is all about a new deal. Who gets what, how can they profit and most importantly: How can the losers, that pay for this monstrous inequality, be prevented from knocking on our doors?

Those are not our concerns, that is not our Big Deal. It is the global injustice that is the root of all evil in this world. Starvation, poverty, the climate catastrophe, the destruction of the environment, wars, displacement. It is their chaos and that is what they want to negotiate in Hamburg. We are told that the free West has to stand together as one to combat the terror of the islamic caliphate. But we will not be deceived any longer. We as free and equal people are the unforgiving enemies of all fundamentalisms. It is not possible to justify any terror to us or in our name. By rejecting the terror of fundamentalist jihadists we also call into question the market fundamentalism of capitalism.

The G20 will hold a city hostage. The people in Hamburg are constantly talking about how their neighborhoods will be transformed into a high-security zone. Many will then not be able to get home. They will be watched by snipers on their way to the bakery. The participants of the summit will be locking themselves in because they have stopped to trust their electorate a long time ago. The “free world” will be meeting surrounded by NATO barbed wire, concrete blocks and an armada of police, military and so called security forces. Well, thank you! Just because of that it is already clear for us and many others: G20 – not welcome!

What we are doing is justified!
Some of us take action in self-defense, to save our world, others with the great spirit of freedom, and still others simply because of their desire to revolt. Thus they should not try to stop us with road traffic regulations. Those who want to build walls, who are incarcerating half a country, who are burning cities to ashes, who let thousands drown in the Mediterranean, should not lecture us on reason, law and order. It is just empty talk. It is all fake news. These G20 do not represent us! They do not have the solutions to our world’s real problems. Their economic system is utter madness: without any respect for the future, the nature and for the right of all people to live a dignified life in freedom. Should we watch how they destroy our world?

They tell us: “The G20 represent two thirds of the world’s population.” This would legitimize them. No! They stand for 80 percent of global CO2 emissions. For wars, for massive displacement, for injustice that drives so many people to despair. They only negotiate which of the scenarios of absurdity will be pushed through: uncompromising neoliberal free trade or authoritarian oligarchic capitalism, both together or simply an open dictatorship? Not in our name: We make the only solid choice in these times of unrest: global friendship without borders, a rebellion of equals!

We rely on the rebellious mind and the reason of the heart. We announce: We will transgress the rules and block the red zone. Not everything we will do will be in conformity with the law, but will be open and visible for all those who are going to participate. Of course, there will be a risk. Rebellious disobedience is not a stroll in the park. If the police is going to act unpredictably and brutally, we will not be scared and others should also not be. Because we will be thousands and will stick together. We act in the tradition of Block G8 in Heiligendamm, Dresden Nazifrei, Castor schottern, Ende Gelände or Blockupy. Events in which the confidence, power and hope of the many has always become noticeable. We will enter an agreement on what we are going to do at different spots to enable the participation of everyone. This is our policy of friendship during the days of the large gathering.

The entire city of Hamburg will be a celebration of hope
We will be in the streets in the heart of Hamburg with tens of thousands, running, dancing, sitting, moving. We will move through the city in multiple groups such as fingers, unexpectedly, daringly and in solidarity. We will surge to the sites of the summit from all directions, to the trade fair, to the city hall and the Elbphilharmonie. In short: to the so called red zone of the powerful. When the police will try to stop us, we will find alternative paths to our goal. Where necessary, we will overcome obstacles and break through police chains. We will protect ourselves so that we will not be hit, so that teargas will not burn our eyes and make breathing impossible. We seek political confrontation but not physical attacks. We will be many and that is what will protect us. We will go as far as our courage will take us. We will stay overnight if necessary. And we will be loud. With all those who are there and on behalf of all those who cannot be there with us.

We will not be the only ones on the streets with our mass action. We are looking forward to this day and we are in solidarity with all those who share our critique of the G20 and who will help shape that day: street parties, assemblies, club nights, congested roads, blockades, actions everywhere and movement from here to there. We will be talking with each other and will always be approachable and approach others. We invite everyone to get in touch with us and to participate.

Mutual learning and diverse actions!
Our lifestyles, our passions and our hopes may be different. But we all despise the fixation on blood, gender and race, on nations and the holy money. We are union members, apprentices, pensioners, students, employed or unemployed, with good positions or shitty jobs. We are young and old, we are someway in between. We have children or not. We unconditionally love freedom and the right to love whomever we want. We are part of movements and sometimes also party members, we are climate hippies and passionate defenders of world peace, we are squatters and poltical idlers, we respect all gods and yet none, we come from somewhere else or have always been here. We support refugees. We advocate the friendship of equals in all our diversity, we fight for a solidarity of the free in a coming real democracy. We say: Block the G20 Summit and colour the red zone!

Action “Block G20 – colour the red zone!”

BlockG20 action plan: Block the summit, Reclaim the city!

Hamburg, July 7th. A disobedient mass actionnat the red zone

This is our action plan for the first day of the G20 Summit. Numerous different groups and move-ments have, during two Red Zone Action Working Group meetings in January and February 2017, contributed to the drafting and discussion of this proposal. We collectively adopted the following action plan which will serve as a reference framework and an orientation

State of emergency: The G20 occupy the city

On July 7th and 8th the heads of state and government of the 20 richest and most powerful states of the world (including the EU) will convene in Hamburg to deliberate on the future of global, impe-rial capitalism.
Huge parts of Hamburg’s city center (Karolinenviertel, St. Pauli) are going to be transformed into high security zones right before the eyes of residents and critics. This means nothing other than that the participants of the summit are going to barricade themselves with NATO barbed wire, to wall themselves in with concrete blocks and to deploy an armada of police, military and other so-called security forces. That is why for us and many others it is clear: “G20 – not welcome!”

The G20 are not representing us!
They will present “solutions” for global problems that cannot work because they themselves and their economic systems are the causes for these problems: for economic crises, starvation, flight, climate change, war and terrorism. “The member states of the G20 represent two thirds of the global population”, we are told, and that that is the reason for their legitimation. We object: No – the Trumps, Erdogans, Merkels, Putins and Temers of this world do not represent us. They only represent global, imperial capitalism. Facing the alleged lack of options between neoliberal capital management and authoritarian, nationalist and racist crisis resolution we choose the only right thing: global solidarity, open borders and grassroots rebellion!

Broad participation and broad legitimation: a disobedient mass action
We want to organize an announced, transgressive action. What we are going to do will not neces-sarily and always be legal but transparent for those who want to join us. Although participating in this action thus also entails some risk we want to organize it in such a way that all those who want to take part can do so. Therefor we want to create a situation and atmosphere that is predictable for individuals and groups, that offers room for creative expression and where everyone knows what to expect. That is why we want to reach reliable agreements with those who prepare further actions that take place before, after or at the same time at different locations. Our action shall be accessible for many people so that we will be thousands that day! We want to create a public image of this action that is communicable to a broad public and of course to the residents as well.

Reclaiming to the Red Zone – presenting our alternate vision
The entire city will be on its feet. We are happy to be in solidarity with all those that share our critique of the G20 and that will help shape that day of protest with diverse forms of resistance among which we do not claim the right to sole representation. Different groups are already planning street festivals with concerts, the involvement of and communication with residents, to mark the rebellious districts with helium balloons at lofty heights, to bring the logistics of capital to a halt, decentralized actions and much more. Our contribution to a practical critique of the summit meeting will be a mass action at the place of the event. We invite everyone to get in touch with us and to participate.

Together with tens of thousands we will reclaim the streets in the heart of the city. Residents and activists from various countries will jointly block the summit meeting. We will organize ourselves in several fingers or similar structures, act autonomously but coordinately. From all directions we will surge to the sites of the summit meeting, to the
trade fair (Messehallen), to the City Hall and the Elbphilharmonie, shortly: to the Red Zone that will be sealed off for the meeting. Where the police will be in our way, we will find alternative paths to our goal. Where necessary we will overcome obstacles and possibly break through police chains. We will go as far as we get. Already on our way to the Red Zone we will demonstrate our societal alternatives through diverse and creative forms as raves, assemblies and the occupation of public spaces and vacancies. We reserve the right to stay overnight.

Let’s interrupt this display of power
Many of us will prepare themselves for the action by participating in one of the numerous action trainings. Our goal is to significantly disturb the smooth functioning of the summit meeting. Together we will reclaim the city, jointly we will encircle, disturb and block their self-righteous staging as world saviors. Because they set the world on fire. We will lock them in place because their borders take away the freedom of movement from millions of people and their police fences from a whole city. Whenever the media will speak of „access routes” on this day, they will need to say “they are blocked”.

Our forms of action are human or material mass blockades. We will use creative tools like giant puppets, barrier tape, air mattresses, tandem bicycles, shopping carts, banners, umbrellas etc. We will counter this display of power with images of creative and colorful protest. Many of us will defend their right to physical integrity with body protection materials. We will not start any escalation. We will be loud, also on behalf of those people who cannot be in Hamburg that day.

Continuity and Diversity of Protest
For many of us it is the first time to participate in a mass action of disobedience. Others were involved in the coal digger occupations at coal mining sites in Jänschweide or Garzweiler, or joined in the mass protests against TTIP. Some have been participating for years in neighborhood initiatives or are active in the antifascist movement.
Others were part of movements like 15M in Spain or at the Syntagma Square in Athens and still others participated in the riots at Gezi-Park in Istanbul or in the Blockupy activities. Our backgrounds are diverse.
We are union members, apprentices, students, employees, precarious self-employed workers, unemployed and pensioners. We are people with and without experience of displacement or legal residence status. We will organize our protest together in a way that our differences will be our strength.

With this in mind: let’s shut down G20!

BlockG20 – colour the red zone