Action consensus (Outline of the action plan)

It is our goal to disturb the proceedings of the G20 Summit noticeably and to disrupt the staging of power that the summit represents.

We will commit a publicly announced mass breach of rule. Our actions are a justified means of resistant mass disobedience.

Our blockades are human blockades and creative material blockades, consisting of everyday objects.

We will
– pursue our goal level-headed and determined,
– as participants take care of each other in solidarity and
– protect ourselves in order to defend our right to physical integrity. We will not start any escalation.

We unite in solidarity with all those who share our emancipatory criticism of G20.

For a successful action we need your donations: Verein Bewegungsfonds, IBAN: CH07 0900 0000 6187 7407 8, BIC: POFICHBEXXX, Reference: “Aktion”